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Grades 1 and 2

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General Information 

I see your children for 40 minutes every other week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We begin in the circle with introductions and movement, as well as an introduction to what we will be doing in class. A lot of what we do is based on stories. These may be made up by me, come from a short video (2-3 minutes), or come from a pre-existing book.




We have been singing and dancing to a song called "Bonjour, Comment ca va?" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkhyGrCsnj8(How's it going?)  We have also played some games using the sentences below.


J'ai faim. (I'm hungry.) - sounds like "jay fehn"

J'ai soif. (I'm thirsty.) - sounds like "jay swaf"

J'ai froid. (I'm cold.) - sounds like "jay frwa"

J'ai chaud. (I'm hot.) - sounds like "jay show"

Je suis fâché. (I'm angry.) - sounds like "juh swee fahshay"

Je suis fatigué. (I'm tired.) - sounds like "juh swee fahteegay"

Je suis triste. (I'm sad.) - sounds like "juh swee treest"




We watched a video of a cat at a baseball game. I narrated it in French. They heard  the words below:


le chat (luh sha):  the cat

court (koor): runs

marche (marsh): walks

saute (sote): jumps 

regarde (ruhgard):  looks at

Le chat a peur (luh sha ah purr): The cat is scared.


We have used these words in questions/answers and class games such as "Four Corners," "Simon Says" and "Duck, Duck, Goose."



I have been having fun with your children in French. We are practicing introductions, numbers, colors and movement words.




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