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Grades 5 and 6

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Grade 6 News From Previous Years Grade 6 News From Previous Years


The "escargot" is a good reminder to us all that acquiring a language takes time.




What's Happening in Class


I have been having fun with your children in French. We begin class with a written message which includes, the date and what we are doing in class.

We watched a video of a cat at a baseball game. I narrated in French. They heard  the sentences below:



Il y a un chat a un match de baseball: There is a chat at a baseball game.

Le chat court: The cat is running.

Le chat marche: The cat is walking.

Il y a des hommes: There are some men.

Ils regardent le chat: They are looking at the cat.

Le chat s'arrete.: The cat stops.

Il regarde le mur: He looks at the wall.

Il saute sur le mur: He jumps on the wall.

Les hommes courent.: The men run.

Le chat a peur (luh sha ah purr): The cat is scared.

Le chat court sur le mur: The cat runs on the wall.

Les hommes essaient d'attraper le chat: The men try to catch the cat.

Un homme ouvre une porte: A man opens a door.

Le chat court dedans: The cat runs inside.



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